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Common Questions

What are the store hours?
All cakes are custom made, and by appointment only.
Do you deliver?
We deliver anywhere in the Phoenix metro area. Delivery charges vary depending on the distance from our shop.
Do you have pictures I can look at?
Yes, we have several books with pictures of all kinds of cakes for all ocasions. Call or email to arrange a free consultation.
Can I get a taste of the cakes?
Of course! Cake testing is free of charge, but by appointment only. This consultation takes approximately one hour, and allows you to sample a variety of delicious cake flavors and fillings.
What size cake should I order?
The size of the cake will depend on the number of servings needed. Use the table below to determine the approximate number of servings:
     8" round serves 12-16
     10" round serves 18-24
     12" round serves 28-36
     14" round serves 42-48
      sheet serves 18-22
      sheet serves 48-52
What about trademarks?
Copyright law prevents us from reproducing registered trademarks. However, we can use licensed characters and accessories, combined with a creative background scene, to accommodate the theme you are requesting.