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Wedding Cakes
Wedding cakes are one of the most visible and important parts of any wedding. To ensure that your wedding cake is exactly right, our wedding cake specialist will sit down with you and go through cake designs, sizes, and presentation details. We want to make your special event truly memorable!
We have over 200 wedding designs from which to choose, and you are always welcome to bring in a photograph or a sketch of your own. We will be pleased to work with any ideas that you may have. Bring in any special color samples with you when you come in for your appointment.
Ours is a specialized bakery, not a grocery store assembly line. There can be many hours of meticulous labor on your cake. We are devoted and passionate about the quality of your cake, so we limit the number of weddings that we do in a given week. Meeting with you personally allows us to assure that all details, from design to setup, are handled in a professional manner.
If you plan to use fresh flowers on your cake, we are happy to add them to the cake with no additional charge for the labor. We only ask that they arrive at our shop the day before your cake is needed. If you would like your florist to provide the flowers, we will coordinate with them to ensure their delivery at the proper time.
If you are providing your own cake top, silk flowers, or other display items, please be sure that it is delivered to our shop well in advance of the event. In the rush of the final wedding preparations, it may be easilly forgotten or misplaced. Early receipt of these items allows us to properly integrate it into the cake display.